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Graduation Requirements and Diploma Options

Monday, April 28, 2014

The State Board of Education seeks your feedback in its revision of high school graduation requirements.

To thrive in today’s complex, globally competitive economy, young people must acquire skills and knowledge beyond the traditional core subjects. They need to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, work in diverse teams, and apply what they have learned to unfamiliar tasks. They also need to develop a deep understanding of the shared heritage and values that bind Americans and communities together. Above all, if tomorrow’s generations are to lead healthy, productive lives as full participants in a free society, they must become life-long learners.

After hearing from content experts, educators, parents, students, and many others, the State Board is proposing revised high school graduation requirements for comment.

The proposed graduation requirements maintain the District of Columbia’s current 24 credits – already among the nation’s highest – and preserve the “core four” in English, mathematics, science, and social studies. However, the revised requirements would increase flexibility for students and educators by creating more subject-specific elective opportunities. More, the State Board is proposing additional diploma options, a “diploma of distinction,” a supplemental “career credential,” and an “achievement diploma” for students with severe cognitive disabilities.

With that, the State Board welcomes your feedback. To submit feedback, email [email protected] or call the State Board at 202.741.0888. Comments should be submitted by May 15, 2014.