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Learn More About the All-Teacher Survey

Survey open from January 15-29, 2021.


Overview of All-Teacher Survey

The  DC  State  Board  of  Education  (SBOE)  invites  you  to  complete  a  survey  about  your  current position as a public-school teacher in the District, either in a traditional public school or a public charter school. We are interested in learning about your experiences and your thoughts about your experience during this time of virtual/distance learning, as well as on general topics of teaching and retention.

Who should participate?

We would like to hear from ALL public-school teachers in the District who currently hold a position in the 2020–21 school year. For the purpose of this survey, teachers are defined as individuals that complete ALL of the following as part of their regular duties as a teacher:

  • Create lesson plans
  • Deliver instruction
  • Assign or collaborate in the assignment of grades

If you do not meet ALL three of these criteria, you do NOT need to fill out this survey.

Who is conducting the survey, and why?

The survey is being conducted by the DC State Board of Education (SBOE) to better understand important topics around the teaching profession in the District during this current school year, such as: what has been the experience  teaching  in a virtual setting, what are teachers’ perceptions of how students are succeeding in this setting, and what supports do teachers need. The State Board is partnering with Resonant Education to administer the survey.

The State Board is an independent agency within the Government of the District of Columbia that advises the District on policy. The State Board is not involved in staffing or hiring decisions  in traditional public, public charter, or private schools. The State Boardis not an affiliate, in any way, of  DC  Public  Schools  (DCPS),  any  charter  school,  or  any  other  government  agency.  The  State Board is an independent voice on educational issues. The insights gathered in this survey may help the  State  Board  understand  how  the District of Columbia’s public schools, including individual schools, can support teachers and students.

What types of questions will be asked?

We will ask you to share your thoughts on a variety of topics, broadly focused on your experience teaching and supporting students during this time of virtual/distance learning (including teaching and supporting special populations), your thoughts about returning to in-person teaching, and your general job satisfaction. We’ll also ask a few demographic questions, such as your gender, your experience, and questions about your position, such as what subject you teach.

How will my responses be used? Will my responses affect my job?

Your  responses  to  the  survey  questions  will  be  COMPLETELY  anonymous  and  confidential. Individual  responses  will  not  be  released  to  school  administrators or  other  city  officials. Unless provided  optionally, your name or any other personally identifiable information will not be collected or shared through this survey. Only the independent, contracted researchers (i.e., Resonant Education) and select State Board researchers will have access to survey responses. The aggregated  results of the  survey  will  be  published  in  a  report  by  the  contracted  researchers and may be used to inform strategy and policy recommendations for the District.

How long will the survey take and will I be compensated?

We anticipate that the survey will take approximately 15–20 minutes to complete. We recommend completing the survey in one session. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and respondents will not be compensated for their time or participation.

When is the survey being administered and how can it be accessed?

This survey will take place between January 15 -29, 2021. Teachers can participate in this online survey using this link:

Who can I talk to about the survey?

If you have questions about this survey, such as how it was conducted or how the results will be used, please contact the Project Manager at Resonant Education, Keely Stern at [email protected].

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