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Our Process

How We Serve: Our Process. 1. Intake. Client description of issue via phone or online intake, which may lead to immediate resolution or further consultation. 2. Consultation. Active listening, issues identification, and options exploration, which may lead to resolution or intervention. 3. Referral. To schools, agencies, or for third party intervention. Each step can lead to resolution. Each case informs our systemic work, which includes the following: 1. Refine our Process and Practice; 2. Provide Technical Assistance to Schools; and 3. Issue Systemic and Policy Level Recommendations.Ensure Access: Our office aims to ensure access to equitable public education for all students, regardless of race, class, income, disability status or ward of residence. Address Issues: We address issues that are brought to our attention by providing direct intervention for students and families;We also address these same issues on the systemic level through our engagement with local, state, and national education leaders. Amplify Student and Family Voice: Our office serves as a venue for families to have voice in directly addressing the issues their student is facing and the school level. In many instances such issues are systemic inequities that are causing our children, particularly children of color and students with disabilities, to fail. Reduce Systemic Inequities: We believe it is our responsibility to speak out against the systemic inequities that hurt our city’s children. We believe that through our work, and in our partnership with families and schools, we are creating a barrier-free system in which education equity is the primary focus.Such a system will allow students and families to benefit fully from their public school systems.

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