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Bullying Resources

Bullying is a complex issue that can be isolating not only for students, but for parents and families as well. We have provided resources below to help those within your school community understand the role they play in bullying prevention and establish a safe and nurturing learning environment.

D.C. has a comprehensive definition for bullying. According to the Office of Human Rights, bullying

  • "is unwanted, aggressive behavior that causes significant harm to the target and involves a real or perceived power imbalance",
  • "happens repeatedly or the target has a reasonable fear that it will be repeated", and
  • "may be based on, but is not limited to, a specific personal characteristic such as race, gender, national origin, color, sexual orientation, personal appearance, disability, gender identity or expression, or familial status."

Interested in information on ways that families can work to reduce incidents of bullying?

Click here or the image below to listen to our bullying podcast!