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How We Serve: How We Can Serve Schools and Education Leaders. 1. Provide guidance and recommendations on implementing policies and procedures. 2. Offer informal special education facilitation and mediation. 3. Assist with de-escalation and with challenging conversations. 4. Develop individualized case reports and recommendations to schools.
Ways We Serve: Our Work with Schools and Education Leaders. While our primary work is with students and families, we have also partnered with Local Education Agencies and other education stakeholders in the following ways: 1. Schools and Local Education Agencies. A. Mediate conversations between families and Local Education Agencies. B. Provide technical support to Local Education Agencies on revisions to bullying and discipline policies. C. Research policy on per-pupil funding reimbursement post enrollment count. D. Advise schools on how to implement McKinney Vento law and support families who are experiencing homelessness. E. Develop individualized case report for a charter Local Education Agency to update their policies and procedures. F. Work with schools to plan out the implementation of services needed for a student with a disability or in need of behavior supports. And finally, G. Provide Guidance and recommendations on new policies and procedures. 2. Other Education Entities and Stakeholders. A. Advise Council of the District of Columbia Committee on Education on developing a discipline floor to keep students in school. B. Advise school founders on implementing  effective family engagement policy and procedure. And C. Identify discipline issues unique to charters for the Government Accountability Office.

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