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Our Work


The State Board organizes its work through a set of standing and ad-hoc committees. These committees meet monthly to discuss key issues and focus areas that the State Board has identified as priorities. Learn more about committee assignments here

Recent Votes (Resolutions)

Linked here are recent resolutions passed by the State Board. A full archive of supporting documents can be found at our information sharing page, and a resolution tracker can be found below. 



May 2023

On External Committee Appointments, SR23-4

March 2023

On Creation of Committees and Appointments, SR23-3
To Approve the Menstrual Education Amendments to the District of Columbia's State Health Education Standards, SR23-2

February 2023

On Committee Appointments, SR23-1

December 2022 To Approve the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) Healthy Schools Facility Network (HSFN) Team Work Plan, SR22-18
Recommendations on Changes to Education Governance in the District of Columbia, SR22-17
On Sexual Assault Data, SR22-16
On Submission of Letter to D.C. Education Research Collaborative, SR22-11
November 2022 On Nominating Bernice Butler as Executive Director of the D.C. State Board of Education, SR22-15
On Approval of Amendments to the District of Columbia’s Community Service High School Graduation Requirement, SR22-14
Recommendations Related to Public Safety, SR22-13
On Early Literacy Priorities, SR22-12
October 2022

On the Timely Settlement of the WTU Contract, SR22-10
Recommendations on Strengthening Teacher Retention and Workforce Data, SR22-9
On Amending Committees and Appointments, SR22-8

September 2022

Approval of FY24 Need for Appropriations and Enhancements, SR22-7

July 2022

Recommendations Related to Allegations of Sexual Assault and Abuse in Schools, SR22-6
To Establish a Two-Year Schedule for the Amendment Process to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), SR22-5
To Approve the District of Columbia’s State Accountability Plan, SR22-4
To Approve the District of Columbia’s Amendments to the Compulsory Education and School Attendance Regulations, SR22-3


Resolutions Tracker