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Policy and Research

The State Board of Education conducts high-quality policy, research, and analysis to support its advisory and approval functions. Below are some items currently being reviewed by the State Board.

Recent or Highlighted Documents

ESEA Waiver Renewal

Note: Some of the these documents are:

Parent and Home Engagement

Residency Verification Rules

Revising Graduation Requirements

Competency-Based Learning

The State Board's proposed graduation requirements would remove barriers from allowing LEAs to re-design their learning environment and focus on student needs. An LEA-led Competency-Based Learning Task has proposed the following definition for competency-based learning: Competency-based learning (CBL) is a student-centered approach to preparing students for college and career that is organized around competencies derived from societal and student needs. It de-emphasizes time-based advancement and promises greater accountability and personalized learning.

For more information about competency-based learning, please visit the following resources:

Who else is trying competency-based learning?

Materials related to the District's Efforts to Adopt a Competency-Based Learning Framework