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Student Representatives

SY2018-19 Student Representatives

Student Reps

Tatiana Robinson,senior at Ballou High School, and Marjoury Alicea, senior at Capital City Public Charter School, currently serve as our two Student Representatives for the 2018-19 school year. For the length of their term, Robinson and Alicea will join the nine elected State Board members in their policy discussion and community engagement. They will bring the voice of students directly to decision makers.The Student Representatives will participate in all SBOE activities, with votes being recorded but not affecting the outcome of any policy measure. They will also serve as co-chairs of the Student Advisory Committee, a volunteer group of more than thirty District students from 16 District high schools in both DC Public Schools and the public charter sector. If you know a student interested in joining the Student Advisory Committee, they can contact Tatiana or Marjoury via email at [email protected]

Ms. Robinson is returning for her second term as Student Representative. She plays four sports, is dual-enrolled at Howard University, sits on the DCPS Student Cabinet, and takes part in Ballou’s robotics team and girls’ mentoring program. Ms. Alicea is a member of the debate team, serves as a reading mentor, and volunteers as a food justice ambassador. She is the founder and president of her school’s ACLU club.

Student Representatives serve for one school year from September to June. They participate in all SBOE activities and are considered as full members of the State Board. Their votes are recorded, but cannot affect the outcome of any policy measure. Student Representatives are expected to attend all official SBOE meetings. Meetings of the State Board occur in the evening twice monthly on the first and third Wednesday of each month. 

Past Testimonials

Tallya RhodesTallya Rhodes
2017-18 SBOE Student Representative
HD Woodson High School - Class of 2018

“The position of Student Representative is a voice in itself. It is a reminder to the Board members that their decisions affect students. I am able to exercise that voice in a way I could not before. Members of the Board have supported me and listened to anything I needed to say, taking it into account. I learned what It meant to have the power to bring change from the simplest actions. This is a lifelong experience that sticks with you no matter where you go. I improved as a person from being there. I will this with me everywhere I go.”


Tatiana Robinson
2017-18 SBOE Student Representative
Ballou High School - Class of 2017

Tatiana Robinson“I am so proud and honored to say that I have served as the State Board of Education Student Representative and the Co-Chair of the Student Advisory Committee. As a student representative, I am the liaison and voice between the student population of the District of Columbia and policymakers for education. This role has helped me develop tremendously and has allowed me to discuss how my education is affected by decisions being made. I have also become more passionate in being sure that student voices are heard. My peers have also put trust in me to be the voice of our education. I have worked with students from so many DC high schools to discuss the goals we expect to meet as a district. We have also discussed having equitable opportunities and resources for all of our education. I have been the leader of creating a mentorship program, leading meetings, sharing correspondence via email, and interaction with some leading policymakers.”