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Statement on Local and National Response to Killings of Black Americans

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

We are deeply saddened and sickened by the killing of George Floyd and the unacceptable loss of numerous other Black men and women across the country that we have lost to the evils of institutional racism and police violence. 

The State Board stands with those who seek equal justice under the law. Our history has shown that protest and civil unrest are the language of the oppressed. We must listen and come together to fundamentally change the rules and systems that make this type of injustice an all-too frequent and too-often tolerated occurrence in our communities. 

On Wednesday, June 3, the State Board will begin its working session at 5:00pm with a minute of silent reflection in memory of George Floyd and other victims. Then, we will table our agenda until June 10, and adjourn to symbolically demonstrate our belief that this is a moment for government to stop and reflect on how our rules and systems perpetuate racism and on what we must do to dismantle these systems through our work. It is time for real, transformative change.

The State Board will continue to work to uplift the voices of our most marginalized communities, promote equity of opportunity and promote anti-racist instruction that prepares all our students for college, career--and for an active role in bringing about a freer, fairer, more just society for all.