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State Board Announces President, Vice President, and Committee Assignments for 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Washington, DC - At last night’s monthly public meeting, the DC State Board of Education (SBOE) elected Ms. Karen Williams of Ward 7 as President and Mr. Jack Jacobson of Ward 2 as Vice President. Both members were recently re-elected by their constituents to serve a second term on the Board and both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their roles. Ms. Williams served as the Board’s most recent Vice President while Mr. Jacobson served as the SBOE President.

The SBOE also voted to formally adopt a structure for upcoming policy, governance, and engagement committees to help achieve the goals of increasing equity and academic excellence in the District’s schools. The Board looks forward to beginning work on the ambitious goals laid out in the SBOE strategic plan.

The new committee assignments are as follows:

Administration & Budget – This committee monitors and oversees the State Board’s budget, personnel and governance. The standing committee was formally established when the new SBOE bylaws were adopted last month.

  • Chair – Joe Weedon, Ward 6
  • Members – Mark Jones, Ward 5; Lannette Woodruff, Ward 4; Karen Williams (ex officio)

Student Advisory – The Student Advisory committee ensures the voice of students is heard in improving education in the District. This committee is composed of a minimum of 15 high school students, one from each of the 10 largest (by student population) high schools in the District and 5 additional members from other high schools.

  • Co-Chairs- Alex Dorosin & Jamiah Hall
  • Members: Students, Karen Williams (ex officio)

Educational Excellence & Equity – This committee will focus on conducting high-quality policy research and analysis to support the State Board’s advisory and approval functions. During this year, the SBOE will take on revising high school graduation requirements and school report cards.

  • Chair: Laura Wilson Phelan, Ward 1
  • Members: Ashley Carter, At-Large; Mark Jones, Ward 5; Karen Williams (ex officio)

ESSA Accountability Plan – ESSA implementation begins in the 2017-18 school year. This committee will work diligently with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education to continue gathering input from diverse stakeholders on the design and development of the new accountability system for the District.

  • Chair: Ruth Wattenberg, Ward 3
  • Members: Jack Jacobson, Ward 2; Joe Weedon, Ward 6; Ashley Carter, At-Large; Lannette Woodruff, Ward 4; Markus Batchelor, Ward 8; Karen Williams (ex officio)

Public Engagement & Outreach – This new committee is tasked with ensuring that all voices are heard on key education policy issues. Priorities will include developing a community engagement strategy that includes diverse stakeholders and expanding the breadth of participation at SBOE community meetings, forums, and roundtables around the District.

  • Chair: Markus Batchelor, Ward 8
  • Members: Jack Jacobson, Ward 2; Laura Wilson Phelan, Ward 1; Karen Williams (ex officio);

The State Board of Education provides policy leadership, support, advocacy, and oversight of public education to ensure that every student is valued and learns the skills and knowledge necessary to become informed, competent, and contributing global citizens. More information about the SBOE can be found at